Friday, September 17, 2010


The air is crisp, the grass is greener, squirrels are busy stocking up nuts and Sara has gone crazy. Many greyhound owners report their dogs becoming much more active as the weather cools(most likely due to how sensitive they are to extreme heat/cold). Sara has been running around the house like a madwoman, and this is AFTER our daily 45 min walk. She also has been looking for more things to chew on, good thing the house is mostly puppy proofed.

Here she is zooming

After a zoom session she is happy to snooze the afternoon away until dinner or their nightly chew.

Sara continues to do really well here. I love her antics and fun personality, she is always happy and outgoing. She has no issues at all except for learning some more leash manners, but she has come a long way and now does greyt 80% of the time on walks. This silly girl makes me smile every day.


  1. Taren and Caelan would love Sara. They zoomie like there is no tomorrow, and who wouldn't love a pretty girlie to chase.

  2. Trang, your comment about more energy once the weather cools down is exactly what i was talking about the other day. As soon as the leaves started to fall... Earl had a lot more energy!