Sunday, September 12, 2010

NLGA Picnic

I had a blast with Sara yesterday at the picnic. She gets along with everybody, whether on two or four legs. Sara was a super star walking around and checking everything out. Her favorite spot was, of course, the concession stand. She really wanted to get her paws on the hot dogs and sloppy joes people were ordering.
So many people were impressed by her sit, some saying "I've heard of greys sitting, but haven't seen one until now!" They also commented on how muscular her booty is, I never noticed it before but compared to a lot of greys there, she sure is booty-licious.

I entered her in the costume contest as a hula girl. Turns out this is the first time that a foster dog has entered the picnic's costume contest! We didn't win, but she looked adorable. I have no pics of her at the picnic since it is difficult to take a good snap of a dog leashed to you at the hip, so instead I took some vids of her in the hula girl costume this afternoon for your viewing pleasure.

It was nice to meet some blog followers and there was so much greyhound goodies on auction or for purchase.
The Gilley Girls performance was awesome.
My favorite part is meeting and chatting with all the beautiful greyhounds and their owners. I hope you can join us next year!

Picnic Pics:

Gilley Girls Performing

Greyhound with cute jammies on

Awesome Valera vending with his foster mom, he is available for adoption

Lots of shopping

Handsome Champ who is available for adoption:

Sweet Hanna who is available for adoption:

Some of the beautiful greyhounds hanging out at the picnic

Chia Pet Costume

Winner of the costume contest

And the vid of Sara wearing the Hula costume in the backyard. She does not like the outfit and goes from lazy to crazy

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  1. I have just fallen in love with Sara. I will be so happy when she finds a home, but also a little sad. I am going to miss her and those ears.