Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sara loves home life. She has had zero accidents and sleeps throughout the whole night and doesn't get up until 7 sharp. She is eating well and will beg for food. I've caught her counter surfing for goodies a few times the first couple days but has stopped after a few simple voice corrections.

Sara is a very smart cookie. She learned how to use the sitars in record time: 1 minute. I am not exaggerating; Sara took a few seconds at the top and when I called to her she came down and went back up like a champ! Nothing scares her. She is wonderful with the weims and has no space or food aggression. She tries to engage them in play, but they like to be old lazy farts.

In the 1st post I shared about Sara's greyhound crime of eating the peach pie, but didn't include the evidence. Here it is:

Another greyhound crime evidence picture:

The blue poop bags were stored in a low cabinet...But these things don't upset me one bit, they just make her more endearing to me because I know she just has a lot of puppy left in her. A lot of her actions remind me of when Leroy and Lucy were puppies...

Sara cracks me up everyday; from the way she plays with toys, grooms herself, or just rolling around on the dog beds. She is just so silly and goofy!

This beautiful goofy girl will steal your heart in no time!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Sara!

Sara is a young greyhound. She's only 22 months old and "crute" (crazy cute).
She's very confident and started playing within hours of being here. Sara is the youngest dog I have fostered and has so much energy compared to my other fosters. On the 35 min ride home she sat and begged me for treats practically the whole time or was bouncing around trying to check things out. She somehow managed to eat some of the pie I left in the van alone with her while I got something really quick back in the garage. The pie was behind the bench seat, way down on the floor and under a cooler, lol!
She is eating, giving kisses(how sweet is that?), pottying and getting along with the weims well. She has made me laugh at her crazy antics all day long. I'm excited to be fostering Sara!

Such a cute face and silly ears