Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot Outside

We have been fostering Sara for over two weeks now and she makes everyday hilarious and sweet. She "talks" sometimes and it is so funny! I wish I could tape it but it's over before I can even grab the Flip cam. I have failed to mention in the other posts that Sara is very good in the crate when I'm gone.
It has been so crazy hot that we hardly walk now. By the time 10 A.M. rolls around it is already in the mid 80's!
Since Sara has short bursts of energy throughout the day I entice her with toys in the house or let the three of them run around the yard. After just 10-15 minutes everybody is dead tired and ready for a snooze in front of the fan again. Hope you and all your furry ones stay cool and hydrated!

Cute video of Sara post yard zoomies. You can kinda see her adorable overbite <3

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