Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grooming , Paws & Walks

The first few times I brushed Sara's teeth she was not into it. She walked away with a bunch of toothpaste all over her face. But after just a week of daily brushing she now enjoys it.
Sara's nails are dark so I have to dremel instead of clip to avoid hitting her quick. To keep her busy I give her a peanut butter smeared muzzle and she does greyt with the nail trim. Sara is good with ear cleaning and getting zoom-groomed.

Sara has one less toe than a normal dog. She had it amputated for some reason. It doesn't affect her at all though. Some dogs who come from the tracks or farms have very sensitive paw pads. Sara's pads are sensitive to paved road surfaces. She is fine if she walks on grass or smooth cement sidewalks.
Walking her has been a very different experience. Sara loves to smell everything. I tease that she is more bloodhound than greyhound. Sometimes she seems to go into a trance and will not walk and continues to sniff away. She will also stop on a walk and just not move. I still can't figure it out, but I'm guessing she just doesn't want to go for a walk longer than 10-15 minutes. Or it could be the heat? She will also try to take off after bunnies, squirrels and birds. Sara has plenty of energy in the house and loves to run around and play with toys, so the not wanting to walk has me stumped.

Sara has a wonderful personality. She has no space issues or aggression. She gets along with the weims famously and lets me love on her all day long. In fact, she gives The Paw if I stop. Sara does have some juvenile tendencies. She likes to chew on things that are not appropriate such as: shoes, electrical cords, clothing and bed frames to name a few. She always stops when I tell her. She also likes to mouth your hand when you play with her when she's excited, but I find this very cute. She is a velcro dog; gets up and follows me everywhere I go. Sara is a huge sweetheart <3

Her front paws with the amputated toe:

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